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Financial Excellence, an Untaught Goal for our Young Generation

Financial freedom is often a missing factor in our life goals, and we usually don’t learn about it when we’re younger. By the time we realize its importance, we may have already faced two types of losses.

First, we might have wasted a lot of time and money, making it really hard to achieve financial freedom. Second, even if we have a comfortable life, not having financial freedom might stop us from reaching our full potential.

During our early years, the life goals we typically absorb from our parents, our self-discovery, and the world around us are about doing well in our desired professions and making a good income. But nobody told us, not even our educational institutions, we should definitely chase after our dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, artists, or whatever ignites our passion, but we should also have a parallel life goal of achieving Financial Freedom. For which we are supposed to follow Financial Discipline from our young.

But what exactly is financial freedom?

Financial Freedom is your ability to survive or pay for your life style (throughout the rest of your life) without depending on any permanent job or income.

In simple words, you don’t work for your money, but your money works for you.

At our young age, nobody taught us that the money we earn has the capability to buy us luxuries or a lifestyle, but at the same time, it has the potential to grow further and let us achieve financial freedom

Achieving financial freedom early in life, in addition to pursuing our professional paths, opens up numerous possibilities and allows us to realize our full potential.

We should not only learn how to make money; however, we are also supposed to learn how money actually works and how it can help us achieve financial freedom

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