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Pakistan Stock Exchange launches first-ever

ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund)

JS Global is the Market Maker and Authorized Participant of both ETFs

With each unit of both ETFs, you can track

UBL Pakistan Enterprise ETF

(Market Symbol: UBLP-ETF)

With each unit of UBLP-ETF you can have exposure to performance of Top 9 Companies of KSE-30 index (excluding Oil and Gas sector companies) with highest free float market capitalization as well as traded turnover in last 2 years.

NIT Pakistan Gateway ETF

(Market Symbol: NITG-ETF)

Each Unit of NITG-ETF gives you exposure to.

At least 50% Market Capitalization of KSE-100

Six major sectors of PSX. (as per current criteria)

Banks, Oil & Gas Exploration, Fertilizer, Power Generation, Cements, Oil & Gas Marketing

Investment in 12 Blue-Chip Stocks. (as per current criteria)


(Both ETFs are a tradable security and can be bought and sold on PSX, just like any other stocks)

If it’s difficult for you to select sectors, identify securities, conduct research, track dividends and capital gains, then

ETF does it all for you…

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Characteristics of ETFs:

  • ETFs are a kind of hybrid investment Fund (Open end & closed end Funds) combining the returns offered by any investable index for various asset classes (stocks, fixed income, real estate, commodities etc.) with the diversity offered by a mutual fund.
  • ETFs are offered by Asset Management Companies (AMCs) & approved by SECP in Pakistan
  • ETF is a portfolio of Securities based on underlying index and its securities’ total value is further divided into equal units.
  • ETFs aim to track an underlying specified Index. ETF providers strive to minimize the tracking error, which is the difference between ETF performance & index.
  • ETFs are listed at an Exchange & trading is similar to normal stocks being traded at any stock exchange
  • ETF providers & exchanges display real time price of the ETF throughout the day called Instant NAV (INAV) with a few seconds interval, while Authorized Participant as Market Maker provides bid & offer quotes on exchange.
  • For individual as well as institutional investors, it’s difficult to select sectors, identify securities, conduct research, track dividends and capital gains, then the ETF does it all for you.
  • Flexibility, Diversification, lower cost and transparency are the salient features of ETFs.
  • ETF is an attractive avenue of investment, especially for the small investors as some securities may have a high price.
  • ETF can be traded on the Exchange through a brokerage account.

Constituents & Weightage:

To view the both indices constituents and weightages (of respective shares), please click the below link and select UPP9 (for UBLP-ETF) or NITPGI (for NITG-ETF)




If you need further assistance to understand how you can invest in both ETFs through your JS Global account,

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