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Corporate Roadshows & Conferences

JS Global provides Corporate Access to bring together investors and corporates around the world. Our events range from sector-specific conferences, roadshows, industry expert events, conference calls to bespoke trips in Pakistan, USA, UK, Middle East and Far East. Our dedicated team, including research and investment banking teams, ensure clients achieve maximum value.

  • JS Global successfully held the 4th annual Pakistan Investment Conference 2019-USA to showcase the tremendous investment opportunities in Pakistan.

    The Conference aimed to connect Pakistan corporates with their US counterparts and encourage investment and bilateral trade between Pakistan and USA.

  • Pakistan Investment Conference 2018 in Washington and New York in June 2018 Attended by top US investors and local corporates

    • Pakistan Investment Conference in New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington in November 2017

Attended by top US investors and local corporates

  • Hub Power Company Roadshow in London in May 2017

Roadshow for the IPO of AGP Limited held in London, Stockholm in October 2017

    • Pakistan Investment Conference, held in London in May 2016

Objective to help Pakistan re-enter into the MSCI Emerging Markets category successfully achieved

  • National Foods Roadshow in London in December 2016

  • JS Global partnered with CIMB in March 2015 for a roadshow in London for the largest Asian frontiers follow-on offering i.e. HBL, for over USD 1.0 billion

  • In July 2014, JS Global, along with CIMB, showcased Pakistan’s investment case to investors in London

    The meeting was attended by renowned foreign investors and top corporates from Pakistan

  • JS Global, in collaboration with Bloomberg and PSX, arranged one of the largest investment roadshows in New York in June 2013, which was attended by over 100 investors and 10 top Pakistan corporates

  • In order to showcase the investment potential in Pakistan, JS Global, in 2013, held an investor conference in London in which 17 top Pakistan corporates participated .