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DSS & NCS Accounts

Direct Settlement System (DSS) Accounts

Central Depositary Company’s DSS Account-The Ultimate trading account

JS Global’s commitment to innovate is reflected in the fact that we are the first TREC Holders of PSX to electronically link up CDC Investors account (DSS) with an online trading terminal. Now, investors across Pakistan can take advantage of this next generation method of trading which allows Investor Account (DSS) holders to maintain cash and custody with CDC while executing their trades in PSX through JS Global. You can deposit/withdraw your cash and hold custody in your Investor Account (DSS Account) with CDC and electronically transmit this holding position to JS Global any time during the day. JS GlobalOnline trading terminal or your traders are then updated with this information and trades can be executed based on this information. DSS accounts are hassle free and convenient because you do not need to get into the hassle of moving your shares to JS Global to sell or ask JS Global to move your shares to your investor account when you buy. Now you trade directly from your investor account. We value your relationship therefore we innovate!

National Custodial Service (NCS) Accounts

National Clearing Company of Pakistan’s NCS Account – The secure and convenient way to trade

Welcome to the new era of trading. A new secure and convenient NCS trading account has been developed by NCCPL which ensures the possession of cash and custody of investors with NCCPL while allowing trading in PSX to be executed through JS Global Capital. This next generation method of trading allows for investors to deposit/withdraw their cash and custody in their NCS account with NCCPL which then electronically transmits this holding position to JS Global on a daily basis. NCS trading account is based on sub-accounts opened by NCCPL in your name and cash is deposited and withdrawn from NCCPL bank accounts. The investors only need to login to their JS GlobalOnline trading terminal or call their traders to execute trades in PSX based on their holdings in NCCPL. JS Global is proud to be the first TREC Holder to offer this service to investors across Pakistan. We take great pride in our innovation for your convenience and security.