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Are you a Pipeline Builder? Or a Bucket Carrier

95% are Bucket Carrier

The concept of “Are you a Pipeline Builder or a Bucket Carrier?” is a metaphor often used in the realm of personal finance and investing. It highlights two different approaches to generating income and wealth:

Pipeline Builder:
This refers to individuals who focus on creating sustainable, long-term sources of income or wealth. They invest their time, effort, and money in assets or ventures that have the potential to generate passive income over time. Examples of pipeline-building activities include investing in stocks, real estate, starting a business, or building an investment portfolio. Pipeline builders prioritize growing their assets so that they can eventually rely on income generated from these assets rather than actively working for money.

Bucket Carrier:
On the other hand, bucket carriers are those who primarily depend on active income, typically earned through a job or self-employment. They receive their income in “buckets,” meaning they work to earn money, spend it on their lifestyle and expenses, and then need to refill that bucket with more income through continuous work. They often have little to no passive income streams and rely on their ability to work to maintain their lifestyle.

The key difference between the two approaches is that pipeline builders aim to create assets that generate income without continuous active effort, while bucket carriers rely on their ongoing work to sustain their income.

Many financial advisors and experts encourage individuals to shift from being bucket carriers to pipeline builders by investing and creating multiple income streams, ultimately aiming for financial independence and freedom from the need to work for money.

In summary, the metaphor illustrates the importance of building passive income streams and investments to achieve financial security and freedom, rather than solely relying on active income from work.

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