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General Guidelines

1. Customer Support

We have an online User Manuals available on our trading terminals, which will help you when you begin using our online trading system. Moreover, if you encounter any problems while using the site due to server downtime, outages, cyber fraud and hacking of lines, you may call our Customer Care Help Line 111-574-111 where our call centre representatives are ready to assist you. We also have a Discussion Forum and Online Chat available on our website where you can post your queries and receive instant replies.

2. Market Order V/S Limit Order

A limit order is when the user enters the order into the system with a specific price, while when the user enters a market order, the system will execute the order irrespective of price. The system will search for the quantity of order to be completed at any available price. In a rapidly moving market, a market order may be executed at a price higher or lower than the quote displayed on the website at the time of order entry.

3. Market Lot

Market Lot is the normal unit of trading for a security, which is 500 shares of stock having price less than Rs.50/- and 100 shares of stock having price above Rs.50/-.

4. Odd Lots

For stocks, any transaction less than the market lot is usually considered to be an odd lot. These odd lots cannot be traded on the regular market and hence the Pakistan Stock Exchange has initiated a separate ODD Lots Market.

5. Online Trading V/S Broker Trading

Online Trading allows investors to place orders on their own through the internet without having to call up a broker and place an order through them. Online trading gives investors greater control over their decisions. They can view real time market activity from anywhere they wish. A single keystroke or click-of-a-mouse executes a buy or sell order. Also, when the order has been completed you receive an instant confirmation of your trade via email. Our site also has research tools available, so customers can get real-time price quotes, news and market analysis, price charts, earnings estimates and historical prices.

6. Provisional Trading

Provisional Trading can be described as the trading activity that occurs after shares Initial Public Offering (IPO) and its formal listing on the Stock Exchange. During this period, trading activity occurs under an informal mechanism before the settlement date of the subscription where all shareholders have to settle their positions with the Stock Exchange against their holdings in the scrip. Provisional Trading helps investors anticipate the demand and supply for the share before formal trading actually starts at the Stock Exchange. The settlement procedure during the provisional trading period is similar to the settlement of Future Contracts.

7. Margin Call

A margin call most often occurs when the amount of actual capital the investor has, drops below a set percent of the total investment. A margin call may also be triggered if the broker changes their minimum margin requirement which is the absolute minimum percentage of the total investment that one must have in direct equity. For instance, in the case of JS GlobalOnline, an e-mail message may be sent to the client when their margin deposit falls below 30% of their exposure.

8. From CDC Investor’s Account to JS GlobalOnline Account or Vice-versa

A form for transferring securities from one account to another is available online on our website, or at any of the branches of JS Global or JS Bank. After you return this completed form to any of the above mentioned branches, your request will be verified and processed, and the securities will thereafter be transferred to the specified account.

9. Online Trading Account Security

In order to ensure account security, users must make sure they keep their passwords secure and do not share it with anyone. The password should also be changed as frequently as possible and it should incorporate letters as well as numbers which are uncommon and not easy to figure out. You should avoid words that can be found in a dictionary or that can be guessed easily.

10. Procedure for Closing the Online Trading Account

In order to close your JS GlobalOnline Trading Account, you can download the account closing form from our website, or visit any of the branches of JS Global or JS Bank for a copy of the form. Once the request for account closure has been verified and processed, any debit balance in the account you will have to be cleared before the account can be closed. In case of a credit balance, you’ll be credited after settlement.